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Wedding Gift

Updated: May 31, 2022

I was asked to make a large Charcuterie Board as a wedding gift. My choice, but it need a large, stylized S carved into it. My choice of wood. I included a matching bowl, because who doesn't need a bowl for dips or spreads?

I picked Olivewood because it symbolizes peace, and the key to a long lasting marriage is to prioritize peace. Peace between the individuals will form a strong unit.

The intricacy of the wood grain in olivewood is unique, so I didn't want to cover it up with a huge S in the middle and opted for a smaller one in the corner.

I use natural stone or metal in all of my inlays. The Malachite provided a gorgeous contrast to the intricate yellow and dark brown grains of the olivewood. Knots and cracks in the wood are filled to malachite (smaller ones get silver) as well.

Once the natural occlusions are filled, they needed to select an S from my inexpert hand for carving.

Once carved in, the S was filled, I do love the Malachite, and we can begin the finish process.

Initial finish was lacquer, because it gives the wood the same quality it has when wet, without changing the natural color too much. Next I do 10 or so coats of polyurethane for a lasting finish. Between each coat (1 per side) there is 3-4 days of drying time between coats, again per side. Between each coat, I sand the board, progressing from 120 grit to 600 grit sandpaper.

I am so excited for the couple to break bread and share peace with family and friends as part of their life long journey together.

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