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Goats and LLamas - Long Pines Punks

We have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for personal milk production, although we do sell kids in the spring and summer.  LLamas are fascinating and beautiful animals that excellent livestock guardians.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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We raise these affectionate, fun, and gentle creatures for the love they give us back.  

We bred in January-February this year for Kids to be born May 21st - July 2nd of 2023 Long Pines Punks Sale Barn.
These small dairy goats have a big future. These colorful miniature dairy goats have risen in popularity as a multi-purpose goat. The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat is of West African origin. Their conformation is similiar to that of the larger dairy breeds having body parts in balanced porportion to their small size. The nose is straight, ears being upright and forward in position, with short to medium length hair on a soft coat.

We wean our kids at 8 weeks and they will be ready to go to their new homes when they are 9 weeks. We rarely have bottle babies, and work with the moms to ensure all kids are accepted.


Livestock Guardian Llama

Mabel is a 10 year old female llama that we purchased to be our Livestock Guardian, and she excels at it!  While not friendly to us, she is a gentle soul who is always on the look out for those who would harm her or her companions.  We are so enamored with Mabel that she may not be the only llama we have for long.

"Llamas are naturally aggressive towards foxes, coyotes and dogs, as well as some other predators. This protection will extend itself to the llama’s companions. Some llamas assume a leadership role in their flock, patrolling their territory and seeking higher areas to observe their surroundings. Guard llamas usually respond to a predator by watching it intently and posturing, sounding a shrill alarm call, spitting, or herding their flock mates away from the threat." - Mother Earth News

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