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Setting Up!

Getting a website started is tough! Rob runs the lathe as his primary occupation every weekend, it really is his happy place. He spends all week planning what he is going to turn on the weekend, and then all weekend doing it. The result is a ton of bowls, vases and goblets (I really like the goblets).

We had plans for craft fairs in April, June, August, November and December, but COVID. I knew a website had to be done, it won't be hard to maintain, but man it does take a lot of work to get started! Content creation is the most unappreciated activity in the world, at the moment. The layout is provided, thankfully, but then you have to populate it.

The physical product he creates is much more enjoyable to see and hold, however.

Please take a look in the shop, and see what Rob has created. And bear with me while I try to make the virtual view pretty!

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