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On Urns

Since World War 2 Americans have seen death as something tragic and far between. As a family we have experienced relatively little death that was not the result of old age, and for this we are thankful.

At our first craft fair, Rob was asked by a surprising number of people if he had any urns, and one lady asked him to try and make one. His first commission! Nervous he made several attempts, and she bought one of them. At this point, almost all of his turning was out of solid pieces of wood, and getting enough volume for an adult was quite a challenge. It got him looking into turning segmented pieces, and he was able to create several more urns.

A request from my best friend for a small, keepsake urn was also commissioned, and he was honored to do this for her at the loss of her beloved father.

Initially turning Urns felt morbid, but it has since felt like an honour and responsibility to provide a decorative piece that is beautiful enough to grace a mantle, but can also be buried (not all religions allow you to put ashes directly in the ground). We hope that a beautiful urn helps bring peace and healing to a difficult time. If one already made is not what you are looking for, please let us know so Rob can create the perfect piece for you.

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