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Rob broke the tip of his left ring finger last weekend. If you have never looked at the injuries of wood turners, it is astoundingly risky. I am grateful when the injuries are minor, a deep gash, a broken finger tip, no big deal. I am always nervous about the risk of larger injuries, especially because Rob always seems to do SOMETHING to himself.

As a result, he was only able to work on finishing pieces and turn out a 1 platter. It is cut from an Australian Red Coolibah burl, and I love the figuring on it. All of the Coolibah comes out beautifully, similar to a particularly dark and dense birds-eye maple.

It won't be ready for a month or so, it takes Rob FOREVER to finish pieces. He enjoys designing and cutting them so much more. One benefit of setting up this website is that he has more incentive to finish pieces so I can make them available. At least I hope so!

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