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Christmas Gifts

I didn't want to post about it before, lest we ruin any surprises. A friend stopped by to trade kids (an excellent holiday survival strategy for us), and asked if we had any vases that would hold water. Well, we do! But none looked like what he was looking for. He needed a bright accent piece, narrow at the top. for the kitchen where she could put the flowers he gets her every week (awwwww!).

He looked around and we had a red dyed bowl, and a tall Ambrosia maple vase that wasn't finishrd. So his idea was to combine the two, put the red dye on the vase. Rob sanded off the current finish, and put the red dye on the vase, filled a crack with a copper inlay, and refinished with epoxy. 3 coats of epoxy and 2 of polyurethane later, he had this. I love how it came out! So much better than the original vase! We are so glad Melissa and Joel like it.

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